Better is better.


Converge is a boutique/lifestyle agency of less than 10 people and has no intent on becoming a lumbering full service agency. They’re the slow dying dinosaurs of the digital world and we’re a tiny mammal with more evolved thinky parts.

Bigger isn’t better. Better is better, and Best is Best.

Our aim is to be the BEST paid media agency for the world’s BEST experiences.

That is why we are so intentional with our Positioning, specific with our Services, picky with our Clients . The digital ecosystem is so broad, you simply can’t be the best at everything. You have to choose.

Digital skills have matured into a deep and diverse knowledge economy, and people with unique skills can have a profound impact on your organization.

Those people are specialists. Not the “specialists” at your full service agency making $80K a year. Real Specialists. Usually Micro-entrepreneurs who have built a healthy career on some small sliver of the digital spectrum that balances their craft with their checking account.

The way you get best-in-class digital service these days is by engaging a constellation of specialists who are true experts at what they do. However it’s extremely difficult to find and engage those people.

One of the benefits of working with Converge is that we act as both and agency and collective, with a network of over a dozen other boutique agencies who all share a background in experiences/events AND a deep specialization in the services they provide. You don’t have to worry about collaboration between us because we already work together across many of our existing clients, and have done so for years.

You will not get transformative work by going to some large full-service shop that offers everything to everyone, putting a revolving door of account reps in their 20s who have no real craft or clue what they are doing in charge of your growth for the sake of their own margins.

In nearly every instance, this model does more damage to the client in terms of wasted money and lost opportunity than the small benefit they receive from basic digital marketing support.

Don’t be fooled by an agency’s size. What matters is not the size of the agency, but the “size” of the people managing your account.


We exclusively work with Clients that fit our Positioning.

We will offer our Services only where we are best-in-class.

You will get a direct intro to any vendor providing services we don’t. We will never white-label some other agency, mark up their work, and pass it off as our own.

When you work with Converge, you get real digital specialists with an experiential background on every call helping you cut through the BS and win - because this is their craft and they’ve done it a hundred times before. We do not hire kids with no experience and sell you the mediocre output of their cheap labor at a 10x markup to pad our margins at your expense.

We will always offer fair and transparent pricing based on a flat monthly retainer or sliding media scale. We will never hide fees or add a bunch of unnecessary people to each video call to bump our billable hours. We always aim to cost less than an internal employee with less skills/experience would.

We pride ourselves on doing best-in-class work, for an honest rate, and putting our client’s performance first. We don’t do kickbacks, arbitrage, commissions, or play favorites with tech vendors over our client’s better interests.

We know these promises to clients give us a rare edge in our space that allows a small team like us to beat out award-winning agencies and work with so many world-class brands, artists, and teams — and would never jeopardize that for a bit more money.

That’s how a partnership should work.


Think we would be a good fit for each other? Reach out and let us know how we can help.

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